interactive projects and website development
Summer session
at Algorithmics
During the session, we will teach the kids the following:

How to create 3D-models in TinkerCAD
the basic of programming
internet security
how to work in graphic editors, edit videos and create special effects
We divide the children into groups by age so that

How summer session work?
7-14 years old

Course duration:

5 days

9 am - 6 pm

// it's interesting for them to talk with one another

// they feel comfortable in their group

// the program corresponds to the child's knowledge level as much as possible
// 8-9 years old: we play and have fun more

// 10-11 years old: we balance work and fun, we get used to independent work

// 12-14 years old: we do real-world tasks

// Cyber detective

5D video blogger

Virtual worlds developer

Smart device designer

The kids will practice 4 professions:
A lasting impression for the whole year in 5-10 days

// we selected comfortable locations for work and play

// we checked for compliance with safety regulations.

// up to 12 kids in the same group in each session
// 2 adults for each group. We checked that they have medical clearance and experience with children

the necessary equipment and materials are on site

// Insurance is covering accident insurance for every child
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Algorithmics' mission is to make learning digital technologies fun & engaging. We believe that an understanding of programming languages is increasingly important in the modern world, and that it is both better and easier to learn these skills early.

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